Awaken Your Inner Goddess Workshops:

The Goddess to me portrays the feminine aspect of the Universal consciousness. She is the divine feminine energy at its highest vibration of wisdom, manifesting in the universe in different forms and realms at different frequencies. She is the mystery, the subtle and the hidden that has to be realized and explored. 

Women are the manifestation of this energy in the physical form. We are created in her essence and embody this energy of the Goddess within us. I realized that by just being in her presence I lit up to that energetic vibration. As I explored and connected with her I was taken to a realm beyond the known to a serene inner space within me, birthing a path of wisdom, healing and creativity. In this process of spiritual unfolding she was present guiding and inspiring me. Meditating on this presence unfolded my own inner transformation. 

In this workshop I share this gift with you. We will work on awakening our unique energetic healing signature. You will be gently guided through with movement, meditation, painting and writing. We will create Divine Feminine Archetypal Images and Symbols using colors and paintbrush that are unique to you. An image that will transform,nurture and support you to come home to your Wholeness as you explore and connect the inner domains of your conscious, subconscious and unconscious realms.We will go on a an exploration of the images and the impressions holding us back from being whole and abundant in a sacred circle.

“I take pleasure in my transformations, I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me”. -Anais Nin

The goddess manifests in different forms of this universal feminine energy. She is nurturing and creating in the form of Gaia or Mother earth. She is abundance and auspiciousness in the form of Lakshmi. She is wisdom and knowledge in the form of Saraswathi. She is love and compassion in the form of Quan Yin. She represents creation and magic in the form of Isis. She is transformation in the form of Kali. Tara represents virtuous and enlightened action. If we can look into these forms as archetypes or powers, all of us, consciously or subconsciously, carry specific archetypes or powers within us. These powers or energies are always present within us and the universe. They maybe active or dormant. In this workshop we will awaken to these energies through images,symbols,colors and words.

As the knowledge of these inner and outer energetic connections unfolds on the canvas, the more you can embody this presence and start to see how your personal gifts, your love, and your strength are connected with the universal consciousness, leading you onto a powerful inner transformation, creating endless possibilities. 

This workshop is offered in groups, as a series and also one on one. 

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