Inner Shaktika Soul Portrait

Shakti (Divine Feminine) in Union with Shiva (Divine Masculine) is the creative womb of the universe. The Shaktika Sacred Soul Portrait is a visual mystical evocation of this Universal Creative Consciousness within the inner realm of your Soul into the outer realm of manifestation.

As a clairvoyant and visionary artist I connect to the true essence of your Higher Self and assist you in co-creating and transforming your Energetic Soul Signature into a visual that holds the energy of your abundant creative-healing abilities. Through the energy work, your Higher Self/Soul shares a series of messages/colors/images/symbols with me that create a visual creative-healing story, a color song, a soul poem and these continue to be revealed to me during the entire process from which your Sacred Soul Portrait is created.

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Each portrait has a unique, intricate and special story to tell. It is an energetic portal that connects and awakens you to your soul's inner Divine Union. It is a deeply empowering piece of artistic and insightful energetic signature of your Soul.

An intuitive sacred meditative process births these creations. The images, colors and messages that emerge create a visual story that is a deeply empowering piece of Sacred Healing Art.This Sacred Healing Art awakens and heals you and your environment by creating Energetic Pathways of Visual Imprint within and without.

This is a co-creative process. I will confer with you and ask you to envision an intention statement/an energetic imprint that awakens the creative-healing story within you. This Soul Portrait is a manifestation of that energetic imprint/Inner Divine Union and brings into the sacred portal the vision of your Highest Self. The energetic vibration of this Sacred Soul Portrait as it enters your physical space will assist you in transforming and manifesting this intent consciously and deliberately, bringing forth intentional creative and healing abilities innately present within your unique Soul Signature.

Sacred Exchange (The Pricing)

I call this offering-recieving as Sacred Exchange. Money is a form of the sacred energy that comes to me as an offering, as you decide to receive and embark on this creative journey of your Sacred Soul Portal. This awakens an energetic signature of abundance within and without for both the creator and the creation.

Each time I offer a painting I have experienced this abundance within and without. The love and the blessings I get from my co-creator(client) is my inner abundance and the money is the outer abundance. This inspires me to create more sacred art knowing the quantum leaps these portals awaken and reveal in people's lives.

This sacred exchange is decided upon after discussion with you on the size of the canvas and the details/hours involved in the creation of the Soul Portrait.

Scheduling And Commissioning:

The initial consultation session is available in person for people in the greater Seattle area and over skype/phone for others.  In this initial session I will speak with you and assist you to envision the creative intention for this sacred portal. 

These portals are created on stretched gallery wrapped canvas with a minimum thickness of 1.5". The starting size of the canvas would be a minimum of 30"x30”, as these energies need that space to energetically hold your Soul Signature in the physical. The other recommended sizes would be 36"x36", 24"x48", 30"x40", 30"x48" and 36"x48". ( Please do let me know if you have other sizes in your vision ).

For more details do write to me by clicking on the link below.

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