Interview 'Play of Consciousness' with Dharini Vasudevan

She is a mystic, whose artistic expression transforms a blank canvas into a sheer wonder. Her art is a portal of energetic healing. Her paintings are a visual experience, rich with colors and layered with esoteric wisdom that it leaves one soaked in sheer fascination and marvelous ancient-new insights!

Meet Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti – a healer-artist who found her Northstar in midst of the disharmonious experiences of her earlier years. Graced by the love of a Guru (enlightened master), her intense inner longing for Love and truth coupled with her innate abilities of clairvoyance and claircognizance awakened her to her unique soul purpose – creating Sacred Portals of Healing Art......................  

Read the full interview here - Play of Consciousness

Published in the 'Dreaming Big' issue of Courageous Creativity Zine.