Interview 'The Art of Sacred Healing' with Prem Moodaley

Rashmi was brought into my awareness through my search for images of the Sacred Feminine from the Tantric traditions.  Through my contact with her I discovered a Being that is deeply awakened to her Feminine Nature…….She truly embodies the Goddess and yet at the same time has manifested the dedication and humility of a devotee…this rare gift is transmitted through her exquisite art and in the profound wisdom and beauty of her words.  

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Interview 'Play of Consciousness' with Dharini Vasudevan

She is a mystic, whose artistic expression transforms a blank canvas into a sheer wonder. Her art is a portal of energetic healing. Her paintings are a visual experience, rich with colors and layered with esoteric wisdom that it leaves one soaked in sheer fascination and marvelous ancient-new insights!

Meet Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti – a healer-artist who found her Northstar in midst of the disharmonious experiences of her earlier years. Graced by the love of a Guru (enlightened master), her intense inner longing for Love and truth coupled with her innate abilities of clairvoyance and claircognizance awakened her to her unique soul purpose – creating Sacred Portals of Healing Art......................  

Read the full interview here - Play of Consciousness

Published in the 'Dreaming Big' issue of Courageous Creativity Zine.