The Design Story:

Healing literally means to make whole. To move into this vibration of wholeness we need to let go of our past programming and conditioning and take a leap of faith with courage and transform our story to this frequency of a whole blossomed being.

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We are the manifestation of an energy vibration at a particular frequency. We come into this world as energy beings with unique energy signatures. This energy signature has four aspects to it. The physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body. Anytime these energy signatures are not in sync it manifests as disease. ‘Dis’- ‘ease’ as the word says is not being at ease with our present state of being. One of the main reasons for this is not being able to release the programming and conditioning which is but a consequence of different stories.

I realized that Every conversation is a story. A story that we tell ourselves and others. All of us has a story to tell. It could be about family, a relationship, childhood, food, people, country anything. I have observed with my own being and with my interactions with people that majority of these are stories from our past, mostly connected to life altering experiences whether good or bad and these stories have a great influence on our energy body, which shapes our present healing story.

For some people these experiences (or stories) were highly traumatic and therefore exists as an energy block in their present state of being, which they may or may not recognize. For others, these stories are more subtle in how they influence their present state of being, but still could be stopping them from fully blossoming into their wholeness.

Can we make these stories healing and create our healing story? This led me to explore on the possibilities available within us to transform and transmute the energies and pictures these stories create in our system. Some of the inquiries I awakened to were:

  • What stories of the past do I allow to define my present state of being?
  • What is an alternate version of these stories that allows me to create a healing energetic signature of who I truly am and and can be?
  • Where's the programming that I cannot have seniority over the consequences of these stories? 

We will work with these and many more inquiries as we journey on designing your healing story. I will guide you to work with your inner healer to awaken to the immense healing and creative possibilities that exist in the realm of your consciousness. We will do this through a combination of clairvoyant readings, energy work with the Chakras, connecting with the Archetypal energies of the Goddesses,,Movement, Painting and Writing, as they unfold within your story process.

“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” – Tori Amos

This Design Your Healing Story is that leap of faith into courageous blossoming. You will be gently guided to explore and transform your story to the present.

This exploration can be a one on one process or can be done in small groups(2-6).

My Sacred Service:

Mother Earth and her beings are going through enormous shifts and changes. We are moving to a higher vibration of love, compassion and abundance. There has been no better time on this planet to work on connecting with your true essence as a human being. A time to step up to courageously transform your story into the present time, by letting go of all the past programming and conditioning.It is my intention to support you through this process to shift, connect and heal your energy body and blossom in your wholeness by sharing my abilities and experience on this path of healing and creativity.

As a clairvoyant healer and artist I connect to the truth of your soul and your inner goddess through energy work and art. I assist you in shifting your energy blocks and moving the energy that needs to be moved to the present time. This process awakens you to the possibilities of your inner healer and supports you to create and design a space of intentional healing through creative expression. 

I invite you to be a part of this odyssey and co create this space of healing and creativity within and without. I am here to share my blessings with all of you. Connect and communicate with me and this space and let me assist you in designing your healing story.

Write to me here for more details.