Dana (the cosmic money principle)

Dana (a Sanskrit word pronounced as dah-nah) is the creative-generative energy present in the universal consciousness as cosmic-abundance. It is the generation of the two creative-abundant cycles of giving and receiving. The dharma* of Dana is to give for the generosity of giving and receive for the generosity of receiving.

“Dana is the generation of TWO different cycles. Such that one person freely gives just to give and the other freely receives just to receive, completing a giving--receiving cycle, and the second person also freely gives just to give and the first person freely receives just to receive, completing another giving--receiving cycle. The two cycles are independent, co-creative and equally worthy (both offerings being "invaluable"), undertaken for both to practice being on the two ends of the flow of generosity -- generating it (giving) and completing it (receiving). The two cycles are collaborative, co-creative, intertwined and in Union, like the double helix of a DNA strand!”- Shahana Dattagupta

As a Mystic and Visionary Artist creating Sacred Portals of Healing Art, the practice of this creative-generosity is my way of generating an infinite loop of the abundance energy within and without.

The Money-Principle for all my offerings are based on this Spirit of Dana.

Each creative-offering has a ‘Point of Entry’, that acts as a beginning point of the offering-receiving cycles  between the artist and the patron in relationship to the art/creative offering. This point of entry is in honor of the creation energy and physical time and material that has allowed me to create this healing offering in the form of Visual Art.

With your heart-centered offer from this point of entry, we (You-I) enter into a collaborative and co-creative experience in relation to the Art as it is transmitted to your life and physical space in the form of a Sacred Healing Portal.

After you make your offer, I will be in communication with you regarding the acceptance of the offer. If both of us are in resonance with this offering-receiving, we can go on to the next step of discussing the practicalities of the process(Payment/Shipping/Delivering the Art piece etc.).

A heartfelt Thank You for stepping into the Dharma of Dana and being a patron of this Sacred Healing Art Form!

*dharma (a cosmic energetic principle of Universal Order)

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