Aditi - The Unbounded Cosmic Creative Principle

Aditi (Sanskrit word born from the root ‘da’) means “Boundless-Limitless-Freedom“. She is the Cosmic Creative Principle of Void and New beginnings. As she creates and concieves, she dissolves her One cosmic form into numerous physical forms. In this play of Shrishti (creation) and Samhar (death) she shows us that each beginning is seeded with the energy of death and each death is seeded with the energy of birth. 

Initially she is experienced as void. The honoring of this stillness for long enough is the seeding of endless new possibilities. This painting is a representation of this Sacred Play of the Creation-Destruction continuum within and without the entire Universe in all its manifest and unmanifest expressions.

Aditi - Acrylic on Canvas - 30"x40"x0.75"

Aditi - Acrylic on Canvas - 30"x40"x0.75"

"Aardraam pushkarinim pushtim

suvarnaam hema malinim

Suryaam hiranmayim lakshmim

jatavedo mamavaha'. ||13|| - Sri Suktam from the Rig Veda*


'Dear One, Your true form is the brilliant, golden cosmic energy that has created this Universe and pervades it so thoroughly that each atom is full of your Divine energy. In the human body you are present as the kundalini energy sleeping at the base of the spine on the completion of this physical creation. You awaken to merge this ascension and decension in the physical form through deep meditation. From this center you pour the divine nectar of Self realization and radiate an Illumined-Enlightened Presence’

(*Rig Veda is an ancient Indian Scripture(Veda) composed of hymns and verses cognized by the Rishis(seers), that contain within them the wisdom seeds of the creation principle).



Main To Tere Paas Mein! : I Am Within You!

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta; 

Kabir Bani

Moko kahaan dhoonde re bande?

Mein to tere paas mein (2)

          Naa teerath mein, naa moorat mein

          Naa ekaant nivaas mein

          Naa mandir mein, naa masjid mein

         Naa Kaabe Kailaas mein

         Main to tere paas mein bande

         Main to tere paas mein 

Naa main jap mein, naa mein tap mein

Naa main barat upaas mein

Naa main kiriya karam mein rehta

Naa hee jog sanyaas mein

Naa main praan mein, naa main pind mein

Naa brahmaand akaas mein

Naa main pragati pravaar gufa mein

Naa main swaansan ki swaans mein

          Khoji hoye turat mil jaaun

          Ik pal ki talaas mein

          Kahat Kabir suno bhai saadho

          Main to hoon vishvaas mein (2)

 Moko kahaan dhoonde re bande?

Mein to tere paas mein (2)

English Translation

Where do you search for me my friend?

I’m right here within you.

I’m right here within you my friend, right here within you

          I’m neither in pilgrimage, nor in image

          And not in your solitary seeking

          I’m neither in the temple nor in the mosque

          And not in Mecca nor Mt.Kailash

          I’m right here within you my friend, right here within you

I’m neither in chanting, nor in penance

And not in fasting or sacrifice

I’m neither in rituals nor in willful doing

And not in union or renunciation

I’m neither in spirit,nor in body

And not in the cosmic skies

I’m neither in creation, nor in existence

And not even in the breath of breaths!!

          “Wake up!” says Kabir

          Fall into your heart and I shall be instantly seen

          For I am solely in your faith!

I’m right here within you.

I’m right here within you my friend, right here within you


Bhala Hua! : I Am Free!

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta; 

Kabir Bani

Bhala hua mori gagari phooti, Mein paniya bharana se chhooti re, Mere sar se tali balaa

          Chalti chaki dekh kar, Diya Kabira roye

          Do paatan ke beech mein, Sabut bachaa na koye

 Chaki chaki sab kahe, Keeli kahe na koye

Jo keeli se lag rahe, Vaako baal na beeka hoye

          Ram naam ki khoonti gaadi, Sooraj taana tanta

          Chadhte utarte dam ki khabar le, Phir nahin aana banta

 Kabira kua ek hai , Paani bhare anek

Bhande hee mein bhed hai, Paani sab mein ek

           Bhala hua meri maala tooti, Mein Ram bhajan se chhooti re, Mere sar se tali balaa

 Maati kahe kumhaar se, Tu kya roondat moye?

Ik din aisa aayega, mein rondoongi toye

           Malaa japoon na kar japoon, mukh se kahoon na Ram,

          Ram hamara hamein jape re, hum payo bisraam

English Translation

Giggle I do at the shattered pot

Trudge and labor I must not

Free I am of these worldly chores!

          Watching the worldly grindstone turn

          Kabira weeps his lament:

          Nobody escapes that heavy churn

          And its grueling torment!

Cling you do to the grindstone of form

Staying ignorant of the pivot at center

In stillness if you stood in the eye of the storm

Not a bit would your existence be off kilter!

          Seeking solace in the chants of names

          You spin your days out of holy games

          Yet all you need is an awareness of breath

          To forever release this life-and-death!

Kabira says : There’s only One wellspring

To which many people myriad pots bring

The vessels may appear different outside

What flows in each being is the same inside

          So glad am I for the scattered beads

          I need sing no more praises nor ever plead

          Free I am of these worldly lores!

 To the potter laughs the clay:

You think you have me formed?

You’ll see more clearly one day

How I’ll have you transformed!

          I count not the beads I chant not the word

          No longer do I utter the name Beloved Lord

          Love has me cradled in Its luminous lap

          And I am happily settled for the eternal nap!




Anhad Ka Baaja : The Primordial Silent Soul Song

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta; 

Kabir Bani

Ras mand mandar baajata, baahar sune to kya hua?                        

Sunta nahin dhun ki khabar, anahad ka baaja baajata

          Gaanja apheem aur post bhaang, gaanja sharaaben peevata

          Ek prem ras chaakha nahin, amalee hua to kya hua?

Kaashi gaya aur Dwaarka, teeratha sakala bharamada phire

Gaanthee na kholi kapat ki, teeratha gaya to kya hua?

           Pothee kitabein vanchata, auron ko nita samjhaavata

          Dar ghat mahal khoja nahin, bak bak maraa to kya hua?

Kaazi kitabein kholta, karta naseehat aur ko

Mehram nahin us haal se, Kaazi hua to kya hua?

English Translation

The Divine music plays unheard in the body temple

So what if you hear the worldly orchestra assemble?

You heed not the message from the resonance within

You neglect the soul song that tells you everything!

          You lift yourself with substances of every single kind

          You roam high on addictions claiming bliss of mind!

          Yet not once do you taste of Love’s intoxication –

          So what if you can boast of psychedelic visions?

 You travel from Kashi to Mecca to Jerusalem

You wander around nonstop looking for asylum!

Yet erase not the sham in your very own image –

So what if you conquered the world in pilgrimage?

          You devour the theories in tomes dense and heavy

          You then wax them eloquent to all and sundry!

          Yet peek not a moment in the palace of your soul –

          So what if you die blabbering scriptures whole?

 You’ve even gone and become the well-followed sage

You offer guidance and discourses on decorated stage!

Yet you know not of the Union state even remotely –

So what if you are proclaimed as the one?



Ishq Mastaana : Radiant Love Bliss

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta;

Kabir Bani

Haman hain ishq mastaana, haman ko hoshiyaari kya?

Rahe aazaad yaa jag se, haman duniya se yaari kya?

          Jo bichhude hain Pyaare se, bhatakte dar-ba-dar phirte

          Hamaara yaar hai hum mein, haman ko intezaari kya?

 Na pal bichhude Piya se hum, na hum bicchude Pyaare se

Inhee se neh laagi hai, haman ko bekaraari kya?

          Kabira ishq ka maata, dui ko door kar dil se

          Jo chalna raah naazuk hai, haman sir bojh bhaari kya?

English Translation

 When I am the Love and Its luminescence

Then what more of cleverness or commonsense?

When I fly and soar free of the worldly plays                         

Then why be friendly to its typical ways?

          Those who themselves from Love separate

          Go seeking-stumbling-feeling desperate

          When my Beloved is in Union within

          Then where’s the need for seeking or waiting?

When I can never for a moment be

A ‘me’ that is apart from Love or from He

When I walk in unwavering One-pointedness

Then where’s the cause for restlessness?

           Kabira says only in this Love immersion

          Can we fully dissolve the duality illusion

          This walk in Oneness is oh-so-subtle

          The burden of “two” will have you stumble



Jheeni-Jheeni : Cosmic in the Subtle Microcosm

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta;

Kabir Bani

Jheeni re jheeni, bini re chadariya

Kaahe ka taana, kaahe ki bharni

Kaun taar se bini re chadariya?

          Ingla pingla taana bharni

          Sushman taar se bini (re) chadariya

Ashta kamal dal charkha dole

Paanch tatva guna teeni chadariya

          Saain ko seeyat maas das laage

          Thonk thonk ke bini (re) chadariya

So chadar sur nar muni odhi

Odhi ke maili kini chadariya

          Daas Kabir jatan kari odhi

          Jyon ki tyon dhar deeni (re) chadariya

English Translation

This Quilt is woven in exquisite beauty

In delicate sheer gossamer subtlety

What be told of its warp and weft?

What be seen of its strings so deft?

          Yet in inhale and exhale right and left

          I surely experience the warp and weft

         And in center I feel the delicate vine

         The thread of life-force rising up the spine

Atop that axis dances and swivels

The lotus-heart of eight luminous petals

And in the visceral water-earth-air-fire-ether

I feel the entire Creation’s sublime tether

          If it takes moments or eons in counts of ten

          To know the Cosmos in the microcosm within

          If pain is the substance and matter of it all

          Painstaking is the Love that weaves it all!

 Not just the worldly but many a sage too:

You’ve been blind to the simple and true

Lovingly wrapped in the Quilt all along

You wore and shed it in blundering wrong

          Only through the servitude of dissolving “me”

          Does Kabir wear without making worn you see

          With the lightest touch I breathe into the weave

          And in untouched purity I take its leave


Bhaang Pilayi : Love Intoxication

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta; 

Kabir bani

Sahib ne bhang pilaayi

Ankhiyon mein laalan chhaayi

          Peekar pyaala hua deevaana

          Ghoom rahaa jaise matvaala

          Janam janam ka taala khul gaya

          Mere jyot lagi ghat maa(n)hi

 Jhad bind aur jeev charaachar mein

Phool rahaa mera Saa(n)i

Jahaan dekhoo(n) voh reeta naahi(n)

Sab ghat rahaa samaai

          Guru Ramanand tumari balihari

          Sir par thokar aisi deeni

          Sahib Kabir baksees kar lo

          Ya agam baani gaayi

English Translation

The Beloved’s intoxication is beyond clue

My eyes see everything in rose-red hue

          From the chalice of divine elixir I drink

          In a high I dance away in barely a blink

          The alchemical key has unlocked the pin

          And the flame of Love has ignited within

In the water and in all beings animate-inanimate

The Beloved’s Love must blossom and permeate

 Anywhere I look there’s no sight of end

The Love is brimming over every bend

          Guru Ramanand I thank you truly

          For the hard knocks in times unruly!

          Oh Beloved do accept Kabir’s offering

          Through the word and song of awakening




Sacha Sahib Ek Tu,Banda Aashiq Tera! : The truth is in Spirit, this form your Lover!

Co-creators – Kabir Bani via Kabir Project by Shabnam Virmani; Hindi seed translation via Pallavi Garg; English interpretative poetry and musical expression via Shahana Dattagupta; 

Kabir Bani

Guru hamara gagan mein, chela hai chitta maahi

Soorat shabad mela bhaya, bichhadat kabahoon nahin

English Translation

The Guru essence is in the cosmic skies

This form created as follower in reflection

Once form is in Union with essence

Can there be a moment’s separation?

Kabir Bani

Saacha Sahib ek tu, bandaa aashik tera!

          Nisa din jap taj naam ka, pal bisre naahi

          Har dam raakh hazoor mein, tu saacha mera saayi

 Ghaflat meri met ke, mohe kar hoshiyaara

Bhagat bhaav vishvaas mein, dekhoon darasa tumhaara

          Sifat tumhaari kya karoon, tum gahar gambheera

          Soorat mein moorat basi, khoye nirakh Kabira!

English Translation

The Truth is in Your essence alone

And this form is your Lover forlorn!

          All my days I chant Your Name

          Forgetting You not for a single beat

          In sacred reverence each breath I take

          With the one true Beloved in my heart

Awaken me from slumber into wisdom

Rid me please of my fog and negligence

So I may in purity, devotion and faith

Witness You solely in all of existence

          What can I possibly describe of You

          Your depth beyond measure or resolve

          The form arises from Spirit alone –

          And in Its waters must Kabira dissolve.

Kamalatmika - Radiating Vibrations of Love and Light

'I sing praises of Kamala,

Whose essence is supreme consciousness

And whose body is formed of golden light.

Her entire being sparkles with the radiance of pure gold.

She bears the golden lotus

And the golden vessel filled with seeds

Seated at the left side of Narayana,

She is Shakti, mother of all creation’. ||1|| - Sri Mahalakshmi Hridayam*

( *The Sacred Heart of goddess Lakshmi - A hymn in essence of the embodied Presence of goddess Kamala also known as Lakshmi)

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      Kamalatmika -    Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 30”x40”x1.5”     Personal Collection Series

Kamalatmika - Acrylic Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas - 30”x40”x1.5”

Personal Collection Series

Kamalatmika means ‘the One whose Soul-Heart blossoms like a Lotus ’.The Lotus is a symbol of gentle and loving unfoldment/awakening of consciousness. Though its roots are in slushy mud and grows in marshlands, it blossoms into a beautiful flower, just like the unfolding and embodiment of the Soul completely into the physical body.

She is this abundant-generous unfolding of our Divine Union within and without.

She represents the complete integration of the Body-Mind-Spirit-Self Union in the physical.

She is in complete engagement with the world radiating vibrations of Love, Wisdom and Abundance, yet completely centered in the sacredness of her I Am Presence / Union . 

‘To the auspicious source

Of all auspiciousness,

To the feminine aspect of Shiva

To the one who guides all awakenings to successful attainment,

To the one who folds me into her womb

To the bright three eyed Goddess

To the feminine aspect of Narayana,

My heart bows'. ||7|| - Sri Siddhalakshmi Stotra

( *A song in essence of the creative energies of Goddess Kamala who embodies the gift of knowing beyond the known)

Kamalatmika is a visual sacred light portal of my exploration of the complete embodiment of the abundance principle in the physical. She embodies the Soul resonance of the orange-pink-gold ray of consciousness*. This ray radiates the  frequencies of Abundance, Generosity, Healing, Love and Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Principle. This portal holds healing energies for the emergence of the new grid of this Divine Feminine Principle in Union with the Divine Masculine Principle in the physical, at this time of new beginnings, as the human consciousness integrates the new frequencies of this Sacred Union within and without.

(*each of us are born with a unique Soul signature which is revealed to us through our ray of consciousness and soul awakenings. This was revealed to me through the meditative stillness of my creative-healing practices.)

Love, Light and Blessings




Guru Tattva (the Guru principle)

Present in meditation, I sit embraced in the fullness of the Love and Light that has graced my life in the form of Guru/Guru Tattva. It is a blessing to fully embody this all pervasive essence of light within and awaken to the Guru Principle in the continuum of this body-mind-spirit essence.

In India the full moon after the summer solstice is celebrated as Guru Pournami (the fullness of light). 'Guru' means Light and 'Pournami' means Full. Today this energetic vibration is present in its fullness in the Universe(macrocosm) as a blessing and celebration to be embodied within (microcosm). 

The word Guru means the all pervasive Light - 'Gu' means darkness and 'Ru' means dispeller and Tattva means the essence or reality. So the word 'Guru-Tattva' represents the all pervasive energy/principle that is the source of everything in the creation. It is the underlying principle of the ever vibrating creative energy, the essence of the seer-seen/creator-creation. This has been beautifully worded by Adi Shankaracharya, a mystic and guru of the 8th century in a hymn dedicated to Shiva, the Adi Guru (the first form of this all pervasive formless light principle)

Ishvaro gururatmeti murti-bheda-vibhaagine

vyomavad vyaaptadehaaya dakshina-murtaye namaha;


Salutations to Shiva, the primordial Guru

Although distinctly embodied as the Lord,the Guru and the Self,

He pervades everything,like the sky.

This is the essence of the Guru Principle present as One in the All.A Guru(enlightened essence/form/energy) is the physical embodiment of this principle in fullness, in the presence of whom the essence is awakened within each ray of the Present. This is the guru diksha(awakening) of the union(Shiva-Shakti/kundalini) as the you and me be-come you-me(one) with the One (Guru tattva).

The ultimate reality of this Divine creation is Oneness. Embodiment of this Oneness in fullness in the body-mind-spirit continuum is the embodiment of the Guru Tattva through the Sacred Union of Shiva-Shakti within and without. 

I share this blessing that flowed through me in this sacred time as an offering to the One:

May the Guru in You Light the Guru in Me

May you be the seen in the seer

May you be the unseen in the seen

May you be the light in the lit

May you be the lit in the creation


May you be the blessing in the blesser

May you be the healing in the healer

May you be the Love in the lover

May you be the Love in the loved


May you be the fullness in the emptiness

May you be the emptiness in the fullness

May you be the Shiva in Shakti

May you be the Shakti in Shiva

May you be the Guru in Shiva-Shakti


May you be the Guru in me

May you be the Guru in you

May you be the Guru in All

May you be the Guru in One

May you be the Guru in None


May you be the One in the None

May you be the None in the One.


In gratitude to the infinite all encompassing Guru who is present in me as my Guru(s)/Twinsoul mate/Self/One.

Brightest Blessings as you embody this fullness of Love and Light within and without!


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Who is my Muse?

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Consciously changing our energetic signature to heal

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