The energies that my I Am presence radiate are that of a Shakti, a Mystic and a Healer-Artist . My sacred purpose in the present is to embody, awaken and create healing energetic Soul Signatures within and without for all Soul(s) and Space that appear in my Consciousness field. I do this by offerings of Mystical art and writing, Healing and God-dess Wisdom. These offerings radiate from the deep space of my Healing Heart/ Presence as I walk this path of Love and Light.

Below I share a few words about why and how these offerings were born.

My Healing Story

In 2008 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and was almost bedridden. This was a result of years of trauma and abandonment that had finally set into my physical body as Dis-ease. My body and soul were out of sync and were calling out to me for attention.

Being a clairvoyant and a sensitive, I had always wondered about the intuition and hyper-sensitivity of my body-mind-spirit continuum. I embarked on an inner journey, with this continuum as my sacred portal. I went on a pilgrimage to explore the wisdom and knowledge that existed within these inner realms of consciousness. In this journey , I met with my subtle energy body and its sacred portals, the missing link and the messenger I was looking for.

I awakened to the subtle body, made up of energy channels and energy centers along the spinal column. These energy centers known as Chakras( A Sanskrit word meaning Wheels), were portals of energy exchange between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. As I sat in silence and listened, the messages unfolded and I awakened to my Higher Self/I Am presence. This revealed to me the Sacred Union present within me in the form of Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine/Shiva-Shakti as the Universal Creative Consciousness waiting to be embodied and manifested in the physical. They started manifesting in the form of  Divine Feminine, Spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Books, Signs and Symbols, gently guiding me on my healing path.

I worked with the wisdom of this Divine Union that was alive in my inner realms of  consciousness as energies of love, creativity, abundance, courage and joy to transform and transmute the vibrational frequencies of fear, guilt, shame, grief and anger, and in turn awakened to the wisdom of my body, mind and spirit. Shakti awakened within me and gently guided me to integrate my conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious realms healing me within and without and unfolding my sacred purpose. This journey awakened me to my gift of creating Healing Portals of Sacred Art and Healing Word Transmissions.

I share these gifts of Healing, Painting and Goddess Wisdom with you in these forms :

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