Sacred Art

The Paintings

My Art Portals are transmissions of myriad forms of the Universal Healing Energy present in the creative womb of Shiva-Shakti (the Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine). These creations are Energetic Signatures of the deep mystical realms of the Universal Consciousness. This Consciousness is a Union of the dynamic creative energy of Shakti (Divine Feminine) and the grounding stillness of Shiva (Divine Masculine). The paintings are a visual mystical evocation of this Divine Union ever present within the inner realms of our consciousness as the Universal Creative Healing Energy.


The Process

Each time I stand in front of a blank canvas (Shiva), Shakti awakens within, enticing me into magical realms of consciousness. This begins the mystical journey of bringing her energetically alive in the physical realm. The paintbrush becomes the sacred wand, colors the healing and me the Shakti. I play with Her as she awakens and heals with each stroke, each image, each color and each word, transforming the canvas into a sacred healing portal.

An intuitive sacred meditative process births these creations. The images, colors and messages that emerge in this deep inquiry create a visual story. Sometimes it emerges as a healing revelation to the inquiry. At times I just wake up with a dream /a vision of the colors and imagesFrom here I am guided to energetically choose the size of the canvas (I mostly work on sizes starting from 36”x36” as the energy that comes in needs that space to be held). The next step is preparing the portal/canvas to bring in the healing energies. I start by writing the intention in the form of hymns, prayers, poems, phrases and symbols. Then I give it a wash of healing water that I prepare by infusing with chants (sound), solar energy (sunlight) and lunar energy (moon light). Next is the color wash. I use liquid acrylic colors as I can energetically charge them with sound (chants). I intuitively choose 2-4 colors and prepare the sacred portal to give form to the vision of colors and symbols that I have seen clairvoyantly.

Once this is done I meditate for a few minutes to call in the energies and the forms of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine that wish to come in as healing energies for that inquiry.  From here on the formless that has taken form guides me. The lights, the darks, the glazes, sacred geometry, colors, words all emerge as I become one and flow with this energy.

Below is the link to a blogpost of the painting story with images of the different stages of progression

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