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Shaktikalaya (the Abode of Shiva-Shakti / the Space of Sacred Union) is a Sacred Sanctuary where I share my creations of Healing Art in the form of Paintings, Healing and (God)dess Wisdom . In my world, Shakti is the highest frequency of the Divine Feminine and Shiva is the highest frequency of the Divine Masculine present as the Dynamic Creative Womb of the Universe. This Mystical Exploration is my honoring of this Sacred Union within and without.


Awakening to Me

A shy and sensitive child, I realized early on that my language of expression was visual. I used shapes and colors creatively to express my inner universe for which I seldom found words for. My world was filled with books and colors, each word, shape and stroke an initiation to the creatrix-artist-healer within. 

A series of life altering experiences of trauma, abandonment and illness from a very young age led me onto a world of mystical enquiry. I was drawn to Mysticism, Healing and Visionary Art. My intention setting out on this path was to change my story to one of Love, Wholeness  and Abundance. As I dived deeper, my Soul awakened to the energy of Dynamic Creation in my inner realms of consciousness, which I realized was the essence of this mystical enquiry.The more I connected with this energy the more I realized that I was awakening to the archetypal energies of the healer and creator within me. I realized that the Divine was me, residing within me, waiting to be awakened. This realization unleashed the mystic-healer-artist within manifesting as Visual Energy Portals of Shakti (Creator Goddess/ Divine Feminine) in the outer realm. She (my Spirit) guided me, healed me and blessed me with each shape and each stroke I made on the canvas.

The Mystery in my creations 

My Art Portals are transmissions of myriad forms of the Universal Healing Energy present in the creative womb of Shiva-Shakti (Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine). These creations are Energetic Signatures of the deep Mystical realms of the Universal Consciousness. This Consciousness is a Union of the dynamic creative energy of Shakti (Divine Feminine) and the grounding stillness of Shiva (Divine Masculine). The paintings are a visual mystical evocation of this Divine Union ever present within the inner realms of our consciousness as the Universal Creative Healing Energy.

Each time I stand in front of a blank canvas(Shiva), Shakti awakens within, enticing me into magical realms of consciousness. This begins the mystical journey of bringing her energetically alive in the physical realm. The paintbrush becomes the sacred wand, colors the healing and me the Shakti. I play with Her as she awakens and heals with each stroke, each image, each color and each word, transforming the canvas into an insightful Energetic Signature.

An intuitive sacred meditative process births these creations. The images, colors and messages that emerge create a visual story that is a deeply empowering piece of Sacred Healing Art.This empowering creation in turn awakens and heals people and spaces by creating Visual Pathways of Energetic Alchemy within and without.

My Journey to the Present 

My name is Rashmi Thirtha Jyoti.I was born in the mystical land of India. Present Home is Seattle, Washington. Seattle is a place I call my Healing Womb, that is the Portal of rebirth for me. My place of birth is Bangalore, India, which I consider a Sacred Portal of the Divine Feminine Light Grid. I bring in Love and Light in this world through my Sacred Healing Art  and Light work. 

Shy and sensitive, I knew I was an old soul and mysticism fascinated me. Books and crayons were my childhood companions.Fairytales and colors were my tools of expression. This was my first initiation into Creative Healing. 

Life changing incidents from a very young age made me realize that I needed shapes and colors to express my inner world. Spiritual enquiry and healing became a way of life. As I went deeper on this path of enquiry, I was guided into mysticism, energy healing, painting and writing to heal the years of trauma and illness within me. The more I honored this process the more was revealed and the creations started flowing through me.

This birthed Shaktikalaya, a sacred space where I share these healing creative energetic signatures in the form of paintings, writings and workshops.My offerings include Sacred Healing Art, Design Your Healing Story explorations, Inner Shaktika Soul Portraits and Workshops.Most of these journeys can be taken one on one or in groups.I offer this as a support in creating and designing a sacred space of healing and creativity within and without. 

My art form is Mystical-Visionary-Archetypal-Symbolistic. It is an amalgamation of the Shiva-Shakti / Divine Feminine-Divine Masculine archetypal energies, embodied within the figures,shapes,symbols,colors and expressions as they present themselves to me during the intuitive creative process.

This deep mystical art form is a blessing that I am gifted with. I re-awakened to this gift in 2013 after a gap of 25 years. Each color, image, stroke and symbol has healed and awakened the healing art form coded in each cell of my body-mind-spirit continuum. The ancient Sacred Arts of India that include paintings and sculptures of the Goddesses-Gods, energetic images of Yantras (sacred geometry) and the creation and chanting of Mantras ( sacred words to invoke, awaken and embody the Divine within)  have a deep influence on my paintings.


The universe has always sent guidance my way in the form of Spirit Guides, Way showers, Books, Signs and Symbols. Each study has been a spiritual experience including my formal education in engineering and design.

  • My Gurudev  ( Enlightened Master) found me in 1999. He has and still is the guiding light of love and compassion in my life. 
  • The Universe guided me to an Enlightened embodiment of the Divine Mother-Shakti in 2011 and I was initiated into Shaktipat and the Goddess studies by Her.
  • I was guided to a co-creator/seer/wayshower in 2011 who awakened me to the embodiment of the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine-Masculine ( Twin Soul Consciousness) within and without.
  • Shiloh Sophia McCloud , a Creatrix and a Visionary Artist re-awakened me to my inner landscape of visions and sacred geometry through colors and brushstrokes in 2013. I picked up the paintbrush after 25 years in an online workshop with her. Her guidance in love and sacredness opened me to a new world of creative-healing through painting. I studied with her for 18 months learning the creative-painting process of Intentional Creativity and Color of Woman.
  • I was re-awakened to my gift of Clairvoyance and energy work with guidance from Francine Marie Sheppard and the teachers at Academy of Clairvoyance and Consciousness. These studies unfolded my inner healer and formed the foundation of my Light-healing work.
  • My formal education spans engineering and design. I worked as a Structural design engineer for 13 years. This comes into play today as I study the geometry and science in the yantras and in all areas of my life where design plays an important role.
  • Numerous beings; seen and unseen, who have assisted me in becoming this portal of Love and Light.



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